ATTABOX Pole Mount Kits

The finest performance AttaBox pole mount kits fit the enclosure dimension that will be mounted perpendicular to the pole. The pole mounting kits for AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures with 6” and 8”, 10” and 12”, and 14” and 16” sides come with stainless steel straps, light grey powder-coated carbon steel top and bottom flange mounts, and four mounting screws. They are perfect for heavy industrial, commercial, and OEM applications. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of AttaBox, offering a certified range of its Pole Mount Kits at budget-friendly prices.

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PM14-16Pole mount Kit for Attabox 14" and 16" enclosures
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  • SKU: PM14-16
US$‎87.93 US$‎107.02
PM10-12Pole mount Kit for Attabox 10" and 12" enclosures
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  • SKU: PM10-12
US$‎79.39 US$‎99.38
PM6-8Pole Mount Kit for Attabox 6" and 8" sides
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  • SKU: PM6-8
US$‎69.07 US$‎91.73
BP1412AAttabox 14x12 Aluminum Back Panel Kit
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  • SKU: BP1412A
US$‎32.94 US$‎51.26