Integra Optics

Our products, including Integra Optics Cambium Networks, MikroTik, Siklu, and Ubiquiti and fiber optic cleaning kits are excellent for metro-ethernet, data centers, enterprise networks, OTN and other optical links, multi-rate fiber channel and CPRI, and SONET/SDH applications and offer a distance range of 30m – 100km. Integra Optics MikroTik SFP transceivers offer data rates of up to 10.5Gbps. The Integra Optics Ubiquiti transceivers feature MMF or SMF duplex LC connector interface and digital diagnostics monitoring. Besides, the transceivers from Integra Optics Siklu are SFP+MSA compliant. Moreover, Integra Optics cleaning kits are convenient and created for fast, reliable fiber optic cleaning. Along with the cleaning fluid, wipes, and an LED flashlight, the kit comes with a carrying bag that securely stores tools, strippers, and inspection scopes.

ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Integra Optics, offering a certified range of its SFP transceivers at excellent prices.