SIAE Accessories

Ultra-fine-quality SIAE Accessories are subtly engineered for both indoor and outdoor applications. SIAE’s staunch accessories include a pole mount kit for a 4+0 hybrid adapter, an optical junction box with 1 or 2 fiber pairs (for already existing optical fiber connection), a termination kit for 80 GHz DP antennas, and 2.5 - 10 Gbps single or multi-mode optical SFP module. Its 1.7dB/7dB or 4dB/4dB balanced/unbalanced splitter is used for integrated antenna configuration while single or multimode 8 – 640 ft and 2.5 – 200 m optical cables for Amphenol and Rosenberger connectors.

The angular adapter for MTI MBL 18/80 or 23/80 GHz antenna is used with 80HDX + AP2-18/23. Other add-ons include 6 - 42 GHz antenna transition kits, ALFO+2 2x (2+0) support brackets, high and low band ODU, waveguide extensions, and pole mounting kits for remote ODU-to-antenna mounting. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of SIAE offering its certified Accessories at low-budget prices.