Top-Grade Equipment Protection Devices

About Transtector

Strongly-built equipment protection devices are engineered for industrial automation, wastewater treatment, rail, LED lighting, telecommunications base stations, IT/Data centers, PTP links, control lines and sense loops, and oil and gas applications.
Top-grade pole/wall mount SPD or lightning protector uses SASD technology to provide overvoltage protection for any sensitive electric and electronic equipment that operates on a 48VDC electrical service. The 4-position rack mount or wall mount industrial surge protecting accessory for Transtector data line power spike suppression products works to help prevent damage from energy spikes that can be caused by lightning and other strong electrical power. It features multi-port chassis for CPX Series. Plus, Transtector’s 16-port chassis or DPR series is a fully configured rack system with six each T1 protection modules, five each xDSL protection modules, and five each 10/1 OOBT protection modules.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Transtector, offering its certified Surge Protection devices and Data Protection Rack mounts (DPR) at the best prices.