Pier Pins, Base Plates, Short Bases

Sturdy Pier Pins, Base Plates, and Short Bases of exceptional quality are masterfully designed for guyed, self-supporting, and bracketed applications. Constructed of extra heavy duty steel tubing side rails with continuous solid steel rod bracing, the short tower bases of up to 10ft use double bolted joints, the perfect technique of joining tower sections for sturdiness and dependability. The genuine 15-24 inches square ground and roof base plates let you mount the 25G, 45G, and 55G towers directly onto an existing or new concrete pier.

Their 25G, 45G, 65G, and 80 series tapered base sections rely on a 3/4” dia X 12” or 15/16” dia X 16” long galvanized steel pier pin to align the tapered base to the slab allowing the towers to be mounted onto a concrete pier.

ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Amerite, Rohn, and other leading manufacturers offering a great deal of their certified Pier Pins, Base Plates, and Short Bases at the best and inexpensive prices.

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BPH45GRohn 45G Hinged Base Plate
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US$‎1,059.36 US$‎1,246.30
BPH25GRohn 25G Hinged Base Plate
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  • SKU: BPH25G
US$‎378.68 US$‎445.50
BPC55GRohn 55G Concrete Base Plate
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  • SKU: BPC55G
US$‎293.59 US$‎345.40
BPC45GRohn 45G Plate for Concrete Pier Tower Placement
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  • SKU: BPC45G
US$‎168.30 US$‎198.00
45GSRSBRohn 45GSR Short Base, Concrete, 4.29ft
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  • SKU: 45GSRSB
US$‎605.88 US$‎712.80
BPC25GRohn Plate for Concrete Pier 25G Tower Placement
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  • SKU: BPC25G
US$‎92.57 US$‎108.90
3/4X12PPRohn Pier Pin Insert for 25G/45G Concrete Base Plate
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  • SKU: 3/4X12PP
US$‎28.05 US$‎33.00
25GSSBRohn 25G Self Supporting Base Plate for Concrete Pad Placement
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  • SKU: 25GSSB
US$‎274.89 US$‎323.40
15/16X16PPRohn 65G, 80 Series Tower Base Pier Pin
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  • SKU: 15/16X16PP
US$‎39.27 US$‎46.20
1/2X12BBRohn Base Bolt, HDG, 1/2" X 12"
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  • SKU: 1/2X12BB
US$‎23.38 US$‎27.50