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Mikrotik 2Ghz miniPCI-express, 802.11b/g/n dual chain, 2x u.Fl

  • SKU: R11e-2HnD
  • Manufacturer: MikroTik
  • Data Sheet: Download
  • Availability: 52 In Stock    (updated live)

Specifications R11e-2HnD

Frequency Range2192-2732 MHz
Max Output Power800mW
Connectors2x uFL
MAX Power Consumption5W
TX/RX at MCS029dBm / -96dBm
TX/RX at MCS724dBm / -76dBm
TX/RX at 6Mbit29dBm / -96dBm
TX/RX at 54Mbit25dBm / -80dBm
These devices typically work fine on AT&T and T-Mobile. They are not certified on any US carrier and Verizon may not allow them on their network. The buyer and user assume all risks for using them on carrier networks including the possibility you may not get them to work or that the carrier may decide to ban the use of the device on their network without recourse.

MikroTik RouterBOARD R11e-2HnD

2.4GHz HP miniPCI-e 11bgn Low Profile

R11e-2HnD is a Low-profile Lower power version of our 2.4Ghz miniPCIe card - it has a small heat-sink, u.Fl connector and less output power. Low profile is useful if you need to install the card in device like a laptop.

Product Features

  • 9 LED Indicators
  • ESD Protection