ALFO Plus 2

Exceptional performance ALFOplus2, engineered for the lowest power consumption. First-class dual-core radio for full frequency 6 GHz to 42 GHz coverage, supports up to two channels at 80/112MHz in a single ODU and offers elevated modulation schemes to reach 4 Gbps capacity transport in a single compact unit 4 QAM - 4096 QAM with ACM. It has the best capacity and channel flexibility due to its unrivalled spectrum efficiency and more extensive channel selection

(1x 14 MHz up to 2x 112 MHz channels)! Other products include 6 – 43 GHz couplers, 48V DC input PoE injectors, 6/8/11/23 GHz Pole mounting kit for remote ODU-to-Antenna, 15 – 42 GHz Antenna transition kit, and 8 to 640 ft., 2.5 to 200m optical cables. Additionally, it comes with licenses for 256-AES Encryption, RMON, SyncE SSM, and more and an extended warranty, including an emergency replacement for up to 5 years. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of SIAE, offering itscertified ALFOplus2 at low-budget prices.