Low Pim Jumpers of Exceptional quality are masterfully designed for watertight applications. High-performance and super flexible plenum-made jumper cables, with excellent return loss (VSWR) values and an optional weatherproofing boot that is quick and easy to install, are 100% built and tested in the USA with PIM test results marked on cable. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Airspan, Eupen, Eupen Cable, and other leading manufacturers offering their certified Low PIM Jumpers at the best and budget-friendly prices.

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E4S0366NM41MEupen Jumper, Premium, EC4-50, 12', with DM to 4.1/9.5M connectors
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E4S0183DM41MEupen Jumper, Premium, EC4-50, 4', with DM to 4.1/9.5M connectors
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E4S030541M43MEupen Jumper, Premium EC4-50, 10ft 4.1/9.5 to 4.3/10 jumper
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E4S0183NM41MEupen Jumper, Premium, EC4-50, 6', with NM to 4.1-9.5M Connectors
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E4S0122NM41MEupen Jumper, Premium, EC4-50, 4', with NM to 4.1-9.5M Connectors
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E4S012243M43MEupen Cable Jumper, Premium, EC4-50, 4', with 4.3-10M to 4.3-10M connectors
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E4S0122NM43MEupen Cable Jumper, EC4-50, 4', with N Male to 4.3-10M connectors
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RF-DIN4-9-M-NTYPE-1.5-1Airspan RF Jumper Cable DIN4.1/9.5 M, N Type M, 1.5m
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