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Tycon Power Network/Lighting Surge Protector 1Gb 48V PoE

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  • SKU: TP-ESP-1000-POE
  • Manufacturer: Tycon Systems
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US$‎28.45 US$‎29.95

Tycon Power TP-ESP-1000-POE

Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector

The ESP-POE are a low cost Ethernet surge protector to help protect sensitive equipment from surges caused by lightning and grid power fluctuations. They have a full metal body for improved EMI suppression and have integral mounting feet and separate ground wire. They are designed for indoor or outdoor use inside a weatherproof enclosure. The ESP-1000-POE is compatible with 10/100/1000M POE systems up to 57V. The ESP-100-POE24 is for 10/100M passive POE systems up to 24V. Protection is provided on all 8 CAT5 wires.

Specifications TP-ESP-1000-POE

Operating VoltageData 5V; POE 48V
Clamping Voltage70V POE (All 8 Pins)
Max Surge Discharge Current5KA (8/20us)
Peak Pulse Current100A (10/1000us)
Protection ModeDifferential & Common Mode
Insulation Resistance> 1000 MOhm
Shunt Capacitance< 25 pF
Data Rate10/100/1000 Mbps
Response Time< 5 ns