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Laird Antenna Standoff Bracket, 8" Wall Mount Bracket

  • SKU: WMB-8/HW-WMB-1
  • Manufacturer: Laird Technologies
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Laird Technologies WMB Antenna Standoff Bracket

Laird Technologies/Wall Mount For Antenna 8" Standoff/WMB-8

Antenna Wall Mount Bracket

The WMB universal wall mounting brackets are constructed of zinc plated steel for long service life. The mount seams are welded for durability. The mount WMB-8 provides 8” of standoff from the wall and supports over 35LBs. The mount is attached to the wall with two screws and can be mounted very quickly. The industry standard 1.25” mount diameter allows mounting of most pole type mount antennas. Typically the pole mount type antenna has a bracket which accommodates full tilt and azimuth adjustment.


  • Customer premises equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor antenna mounting
  • Mounting of security camera systems