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KPPA-2S5HV-90SSKP Performance 2 GHz ±45 + 5 GHz H/V 90° Dual Radio Sector Side by Side Alignment (2 Sec one Shell)
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎448.39 US$‎471.99
KPPA-2HV5HV-90SSKP Performance One 2GHz H/V and one 5GHz H/V antenna in one radome
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎559.55 US$‎589.00
EPMP24EWIFIDBIKP Performance Cambium ePMP Reflector Dish EPMP24EWIFIDBI (4 Pack)
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎176.69 US$‎185.99
HG2458CU-NFL-Com high performance broadband/multi-band ceiling mount WiFi antenna
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College Station
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PRO-SEC-XL24/50DP-UItelite 2.4 GHz 2x15 dBi 2xDual MIMO-Pol Sector Antenna
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College Station
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US$‎149.00 US$‎180.00
WB-ANT-O-7D-FDual Band Indoor/Outdoor Mesh Antenna
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College Station
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HG824-11LP-NFL-Com HG824-11LP-NF
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College Station
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WB-ANT-O-7DDual Band Indoor/Outdoor Mesh Antenna
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College Station
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AC/SWIMMikrotik AC/SWIM 2.4/5Ghz Omni antenna, 4dBi gain, MMCX connector
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US$‎14.55 US$‎15.00
AC/SWIMikrotik AC/SWI 2.4/5Ghz Omni antenna, 4dBi gain, u.fl connector
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