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OD9-5Laird Technologies 5dBi 900MHz Omni N-Female Integrated
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MM-90NLaird Technologies Vehicle Magnetic Mount Small N Female
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CB27Laird Technologies 26-28 DC Ground Base Load Antenna Black
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B8965CNLaird Technologies B8965CN
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RJ45-ECS-6-NRLaird Technologies External Watertight ECS 6 inch (No Relief)
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College Station
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PA24-19Laird Technologies PA24-19
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SAH-2400-120-002Laird Technologies 2.4GHz 15dBi 95deg HPOL Sector Antenna
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College Station
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A forerunner in connecting and protecting advanced electronics, Laird Technologies delivers transformational solutions to an evolving digital landscape. The company’s forward-thinking engineers design and manufacture high-quality antennas that solve the EMI, telematics, and thermal management challenges faced by the communications industry.

Laird Technologies pioneering wireless communication and smart system solutions empower major companies around the world to improve their businesses and their users’ experience. From POE injectors and outdoor enclosures to mobile, omni, sector, and yagi antennas, Laird Technologies provide durable, high-powered technological products for the modern world.