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KPPA-22.5-3GDPFH-2PKKP Performance 3 GHz 22.5 dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna - 2 Pack
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎224.19 US$‎235.99
RK24EWIFIDBI-4LDKP Performance Cambium Radio Large Reflector Dish for 2 GHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz Radios (4-Pack)
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎249.84 US$‎262.99
KPPA-29-5GHZDPFHAKP Performance 5 GHz 29 dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna (2 Pack)
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎219.44 US$‎230.99
KP-ATOMGEN2-RMV2KP Performance Baicells ATOM GEN2 UE Mount 1pk
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎20.51 US$‎21.59
RK24EWIFIDB-RM2KP Performance Cambium 2GHz/3GHz/5GHz Mount Replacement
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎17.47 US$‎18.39
KPPA-24-2GHZDPFHA-4PKP Performance 2 GHz 24 dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna - 4 Pack Box
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎560.50 US$‎590.00
RK24EWIFIDBI-2Cambium Radio Reflector Dish for 2 GHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz Radios SINGLE Reflector Dish
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎176.69 US$‎185.99
MW18MoWiNet MW18
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College Station
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KPPA-3GHZFHLD-4PKP Performance 3 GHz 25.5 dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna - (4-Pack)
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎564.30 US$‎594.00
KPPA-5GHZFHLD-4PKP Performance 5GHz 33dBi Dual Pol Boomerang Feed Horn Antenna (4 Pack)
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎535.80 US$‎564.00
UB24EWIFIDBI-RMKP Performance Ubiquiti 2GHz, 3GHz and 5GHz reflector dish mount replacement
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College Station
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US$‎11.96 US$‎12.59
EPMP24EWIFIDBI-RMKP Performance ePMP Cambium Mount 2/5GHz Replacement
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Lewisville TX
403 In stock
US$‎14.43 US$‎15.19