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Discount items are a great way to save money. Discounted items are open box specials, surplus, refurbished, returned items, or otherwise not new. They may or may not have the original packaging, but are tested and guaranteed to work. All electronic, telecom and networking equipment, tools, and items carry the manufacturer's original warranty but may be missing an accessory item as noted in the description.

ISP Supplies has special discounts on Ubiquiti Poe adapters, Dish Antennas from Antel Antenna, Motorola items, MikroTik equipment, directional antennas, Modem-To-Antenna Adaptor, Dish Reflector, Custom Mounting Plate MikroTik + Surge Tabs, 5.8GHz Omni 12dBi Antenna, network cables, ISP Supplies Ethernet CAT5e, Cambium equipment, KAM Fabrication items Poynting Generic Phone-To- Antenna Adaptor, and several other electronic equipment and items are available at greatly reduced cost.

Our manufacturers are Antel Antenna, Cambium Networks, Ubiquiti, IgniteNet, MikroTik, Poynting, KAM Fabrication, and Motorola.

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HG3-CC-A90(Discount)RF Elements 90° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna(Discount)
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HAR40-U-PMK-2 (Discount)Airspan AirHarmony 4000 universal wall & pole mounting kit (Discount)
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SH-5800-18-30-DP (DISCOUNT)ALGcom SH-5800-18-30-DP (DISCOUNT)
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C030045C002A (Discount)Cambium 3GHz PMP 450i Integrated High Gain SM
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304-J2634/2P/AL2 Port Keystone Wall Plate- Ivory
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LP-POE-ALPU-01Redline Communications Surge Arrestor Ethernet 100 Mbps PoE-Compatible Outdoor Pole
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ENT-CPE-470698RF-E1Redline Communications RDL3000 XP Enterprise External RF 470-698MHz 2xN(f) Eth-RJ45 Gland MNT
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PS-24V-.38AISP Services 24V .38A Power Supply
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AT-OMNI39-GSMPoynting 2dBi GSM Omni Antenna
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AT-ADPT-026Poynting Generic USB Modem-to-Antenna Adaptor (SMA f)
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AT-ADPT-024Poynting Generic Phone-to-Antenna Adaptor (SMA f)
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A-OMNI-0121 (AT-5OM-GSM)Poynting 5dBi GSM 900/GSM1800/UMTS/LTE Omno
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WLAN-A0043 (AT-20AE-58D)Poynting 5.8GHz 20dBi Dual POL BridgePoynt Antenna Enclosure
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WLAN-A0044Poynting 5.8GHz 19dBi iPoynt Antenna Enclosure
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MA24-5-RPSMALaird Technologies 5.5dBi 2.4GHz Integrated MagMount Mobile, RPSMA Connector
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IE-2011S-AKam Fabrication IE-2011S-A Indoor Enclosure for MikroTik RB2011UAS-2Hn
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