TP-Link Aginet
Unified Cloud (TAUC)

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Solution For ISPs dedicated to simplifying operation,
reducing costs over the entire ISP service lifecycle, and providing comprehensive
monitoring and remote troubleshooting for all your CPEs.

Challenges to ISPs
 ISPs pay higher OPEX operating expenses without appropriate insights     Users change ISPs due to poor Wi-Fi experience
 Users expect ISPs to solve all Wi-Fi issues     ISPs pay higher OPEX operating expenses without proper diagnostic tools

What can TAUC Offer & Solve?

Industry Standards +
Open Standard

TAUC adopts TR-369 and TR-069 as the dual-stack management protocols with the updated TR-181 data model and multi-AP support for EasyMesh topology & advanced remote Wi-Fi diagnostics.

Unified cloud management

100% Centralized cloud management for Wi-Fi routers, EasyMesh, DECO, and PON products, and more - all controllable from a single interface anywhere at anytime.

Advanced Wi-Fi Diagnostics
for Troubleshooting

Collect and generate multi-dimentional data from client connections in near real-time with Live Mode. Gain more significant insights by downloading the Key Wi-Fi Metrics report for further offline analysis.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Plug and play with automatic provisioning simplifies and expedites installation.

Instant Insights for conected homes

Provide overall online and offline monitoring dashboardsand Key Wi-Fi KPI Alert monitoring dashboards for allnetworks connections.

  Managed Wi-Fi
  Alert oriented health check
  1-mint live data
  Multi-Dimension Wi-Fi metrics
  Historical trend charts
  Tracking of events & alerts

Agile Task - Cloud Service
for Batch Updates

All tasks are performed from the TAUC cloud to the target CPE groups. Firmwareupgrades and mass parameter settings can be performed at scheduled times.

Standardized & Unified cloud management platform

Industry standard supported
Industry standard supported
Industry standard supported

Connected America Fund Performance Measures Testing

 Latency test

 Downstream &
Upstream speed test

performance measures

monitoring of your
entire network

  Online Rate
  Mesh Topology
  Event Warnings

Remote Diagnostic & Real-Time Troubleshooting

Key TAUC benefits for ISPs

Premier whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 product line