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Complete managed Wi-Fi solutions for ISPs

TP-Link Aginet
Unified Cloud (TAUC)

TR-369 with cloudNetwork monitoringOpen API
EasyMeshTM compatibleRemote diagonistic & config

TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud (TAUC)

As the next-generation of Wi-Fi management, TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud (TAUC) Solution offers the TR-369 USP cloud server, carrier-grade TR-369 CPE, a customized mobile app, and tailor-made API services for our ISP customers. ISPs can easily reduce operational cost &
gain maximum profit with this highly powerful & flexible solution.

What can TAUC offer & solve ?

Industry Standards +
Open Standard

TAUC adopts TR-369 and TR-069 as the dual-stack management protocols with the updated TR-181 data model and multi-AP support for EasyMesh topology & advanced remote Wi-Fi diagnostics.

Unified cloud management

100% Centralized cloud management for Wi-Fi routers, EasyMesh, DECO, and PON products, and more - all controllable from a single interface anywhere at anytime.

Speed testingOnline rateEvents & alerts
Multi-Dimension Wi-Fi metrics

Remote Diagnostics &
Near Real-Time Troubleshooting

Deliver stellar support to your customers by troubleshooting their issues live and remotely. Identify out of range devices, physical barriers, poor internet quality, and Wi-Fi interference.

Network exceptionAlert oriented health check
per 1 mint snapshotMulti-Dimension Wi-Fi metrics
Historical trend chartsper 1 mint snapshot

Agile Task - Cloud Service
for Batch Updates

All tasks are performed from the TAUC cloud to the target CPE groups. Firmware upgrades and mass parameter settings can be performed at scheduled times

Cloud to CPEPerformance measure testing
Schedule execution

Zero-Touch Deployment

Plug and play with automatic provisioning simplifies and expedites installation.

TP-Link’s Aginet App

End users can manage and control their in-home Aginet devices through the Aginet App & quickly diagnose
network issues. ISPs can customize the App with their logo and provide customer support contact info for quick in-App reference.

Key TAUC benefits for ISPs

Premier whole home mesh
Wi-Fi 7 & Wi-Fi 6E/6/5 product line


BE22000 Tri-Band
Wi-Fi 7 Router

Dual 10 GE & 2.5 GE Ports

11520 Mbps 1 (6 GHz) +
8640 Mbps (5 GHz) +
1376 Mbps (2.4 GHz)

1x 10GE/SFP+ Combo WAN/LAN +
1x 10GE + 2x 2.5GE LAN ports

Multi-Link Operation Support


Higher bandwidth, higher quality of service

XGS-PON provides up to 10 Gbps of uplink and downlink bandwidth simultaneously. It meets the higher
bandwidth demand of various high-bandwidth services while achieving a high-quality and efficient broadband network.

XGS-PON/GPON terminal


1-Port XGS-PON

XGS-PON WAN port + 10G LAN port

Supports OMCI



1.25GE LAN port

GPON + EPON dual mode


1-Port GigabitXPON
Terminal withVoIP

GPON + EPON dual mode

1 x FXS port



DeltaStream 8-Port
Pizzabox XGS-PON
Optical Line Terminal

Combo Ports

Dual Power Supply

2x 40 GE QSFP+ & 2x 10 GE
SFP+ uplink ports

1x RU45 Console & 1x RU45
Management port 1x Alarm port


DeltaStream 4/8/16-Port
Pizzabox GPON
Optical Line Terminal

4/8/16x GPON ports

Dual Power Supply

1/2/4x 10GE SFP+ & 1/2x GE
RJ45 uplink ports

1x RJ45 Console & 1x RJ45
Management port 1x Alarm port


DeltaStream Chassis
Optical Line Terminal

2 x service boards

Dual Power Supply

6 x 10G SFP + & 1 x 1000 M
RJ45 port

1x RJ45 Console & 1x RJ45
Management port 1x Alarm port

DS-LGPA-08/16 & DS-LSPA-08/16

DeltaStream Chassis
Optical Line Terminal
Service Board

Broadcom solution

8/16 x GPON ports or 8/16x
XGS-PON & GPON combo ports

PON Features
  • Standard OMCI Management
  • ONU Auto Authentication.
  • Multi-Service traffic identify
    and Rate Limit.
L2 and L2+ Features
  • Static Routing.
  • IGMP snooping/MLD snooping.
  • DHCP Relay.
  • IEEE 802.1p/DSCP QoS.
Security and Management
  • ACL (IPv4/IPv6).
  • IP-MAC-Port-VID binding.
  • ARP inspecion.
  • Ip source guard.
  • DoS defend.