Dual transceiver for
critical communications

Introducing the Integra-X2 Series from SAF Tehnika—a milestone in dual transceiver radio technology. This series proudly joins our Full-Outdoor Unit (FODU) lineup, boasting a formidable dual transceiver system capable of reaching 2+0 XPIC.

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10Gbps capacity,
security, high-reliability

The Integra-E Series supports Adaptive Code Modulation & Bandwidth (ACMB), in which sets the coding rate, modulation, and bandwidth changes are set in real-time based on the link’s conditions.

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All-outdoor microwave
radio product

Integra-G is an unbelievably light, energy-efficient carrier-grade system that exemplifies an outstanding return on innovative engineering - know-how and high competence in radio electronics.

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Outdoor microwave
radio technology

Most innovative radio systems designed specifically for wideband applications. Integra-W supports channel bandwidths of up to 112 MHz and modulations up to 1024QAM for network capacity upgrades of up to 883Mbps per full-duplex radio link.

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Integra Fidu

All-in-one microwave
system indoor installation

Best in class transmit power in dual-core full-indoor system for backbone deployment. SAF Tehnika is proud to welcome to the Integra family our high capacity full-indoor radio.

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Split mount/full-indoor
solution with XPIC support

PhoeniX Series split mount system is designed to fit in a classic telecom architecture with a radio located outdoors and a sheltered indoor unit. Supporting channel bandwidths of up to 60 MHz, the PhoeniX Series offers capacities of up to 1 Gbps in 2+0 configurations

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Full indoor radio

CFIP Marathon 300 MHz / 1.4 GHz point-to-point long-haul microwave system is the perfect solution for industrial applications where fiber is not available.

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Perfect solution for
industrial application

Marathon III 900 MHz point-to-point long-haul microwave system is designed for remote and rural areas, providing reliable data and voice transmission even in adverse weather and over long distances.

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